EPA Cracks Down on Lead Exposure Violations, Doles out $274,000 in civil penalties
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New research explores the link between lead poisoning, violent crime and lower IQ’s:
America’s Real Criminal Element: Lead
Lead and Crime

CDC Releases Updated Guidelines for Defining and Managing Childhood Lead Poisoning

Tulane University Study highlights lead contamination in New Orleans. Finds over 60% of sampled homes contained lead levels exceeding federal standards
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3/22/11 Parents nervous as city closes 3 playgrounds for lead remediation
1/30/11 “Bywater Park shut down after group finds high levels of lead” (video)
2/1/11“City extends closure of Bywater park for lead remediation” (video)
2/8/11“Lead contamination at park prompts testing at other playgrounds in N.O.” (video)

The Times Picayune
3/23/11 N.O. play areas close for lead remediation
3/10/11 Lead poisoning is theme of legislative hearing in New Orleans
1/29/11 “Markey Park Closed because of lead concerns”
2/1/11 “Bywater’s Markey Park to remain closed because of lead levels in soil”
2/8/11 “New Orleans’ parks rooted in areas containing dangerous levels of lead”
2/1/11 “Looking for lead in New Orleans playgrounds”

3/23/11 Lead Contamination Forces More New Orleans Playgrounds to Close
1/31/11 “Parents worry about lead levels at Mickey Markey Park” (video)
2/7/11 “Crews work to make Mickey Markey Park safe again” (video)

3/10/11 Lawmakers get involved to remediate city’s lead contamination problem
2/1/11 “City urges testing for kids who played at Bywater park”
2/2/11 “New Orleans to test for high lead levels at other parks and playgrounds” (video)

New Orleans City Business
2/1/11 “New Orleans parents call for tougher lead measures”