NOLA Unleaded is a concerned citizens organization composed of residents and professionals seeking to address the needless and persistent lead poisoning of New Orleans’ children.


Our mission is to empower New Orleans’ citizens to take control of our crippling lead poisoning problem by serving as a source of reliable information and providing a community forum where citizens can discuss issues, report violations, and meet others facing the same hardships.


New Orleans is currently struggling with severe environmental lead contamination. The amount of readily available lead in our homes, backyards, and playgrounds has created a toxic environment for children. While lead poisoning is largely under control in most of the country, the New Orleans environment makes managing lead poisoning in our city a much greater and more complex task.

  • Over 90% of homes in New Orleans were built before lead paint was banned in 1978.  All too often, renovations to existing structures are carried out without the proper safety precautions. When this occurs, lead dust disperses into the air and surrounding, increasing exposure pathways and exacerbating the problem.
  • New Orleans soil lead levels are considered toxic. Soil lead contamination is the most common vehicle for ingestion (not eating paint chips). Lead dust particles settle in soil and on other surfaces. lead in this form is responsible for the majority of elevated blood lead levels.